Shakespeare Hotel Paddington London

Paddington London Budget Hotel: The Shakespeare Hotel 


If you’re looking for a budget hotel in Paddington, this is the hotel for you!



First, a warning to travelers booking budget London hotels:

Budget hotels in London are a great alternative for visitors wishing to see London on a budget. They come in all levels of quality, and unfortunately many of them come in low quality. That is: moldy bathrooms, cracked tiles, dirty carpeting, drafty windows, no hot water available during the day, and in many of these hotels, bedbugs.  What these hotels ARE really good at, is making their hotels look really great online.  All too frequently, in my early experiences visiting London had I become the victim of these deceiving advertising practices. 

While these may all seem to be obvious standards, the minimum you should expect from a budget hotel in London is: Cleanliness, Location, 24 Hour Front Desk, Knowledgable Front Desk Clerks, and a Great Breakfast. The Shakespeare Hotel, along with it’s sister hotel, The Dolphin Hotel located next door meets all of these standards and more. 

The Shakespeare Hotel is family owned and located in beautiful Norfolk Square in the Paddington area. I stay at this hotel in on a regular basis, and I’ve always been extremely happy with this hotel. While I have always endorsed Paddington as the best place to stay in London, the Shakespeare’s location within Paddington is about as good as you can get. It is located just 2 minutes walk from Paddington Station, the station from which you’ll arrive if taking a train from Heathrow. There is a beautiful park directly across the street, and the neighborhood is at the very heart of Paddington with dozens of shops, great restaurants, and a collection of wonderful pubs. Hyde Park is just 8 minutes walk away! You’ll love the breakfast, featuring a full buffet (breakfast including meat is available at a slightly extra cost) and I really enjoyed the home made waffles. It’s also the first time I’ve seen a game room in a London hotel, which will no doubt be to the delight of teenage kids! The staff is extrememly attentive to your needs, and the front desk clerks have a good knowledge of the area and are always helpful with any questions or needs you may have.  If you’re looking for a hotel that won’t eat up all of your vacation budget, but provide you with a clean, comfortable stay in a great area of London, then this is the hotel for you!



Key  features of this hotel:

Fantastic breakfast

Clean, comfortable rooms
Game room
24 hour front desk
In-room refrigerator
Very friendly and helpful staff

Please note: Like most London budget hotels, there is no elevator, but if you contact the hotel in advance  when booking your room, they can usually reserve you a 1st Floor room.

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